AWS Tech Guide (AWSTG) members can join the force to work in multiple open-source, sponsored projects voluntarily.

Member can be Student or IT Professional.

Wanna join the force? Click here for the application form. check how to join us. drop a note to for any queries.

Bring Your Own Idea (BYOI)

BYOI is the way you put your idea, create a team, get guidance from AWSTG and build your dream project. Students may bring their college projects to build and implement collaboratively.

Open Source Projects

Build a better tomorrow by collaborating with many other IT enthusiasts aimed to build an IT Product or Services. Open Source projects are non-commercial and can be used/contributed by anyone authorized and with good interest.

Click here to visit GitHub for resources

Sponsored Projects

These projects are sponsored and aimed to build an IT solution based on the need and requirements of Sponsors.

If you want to be a Sponsor get your project developed please drop a note to

Sponsored Projects:

FALCON EI – A big data project to analyze structured and unstructured data patterns to detect behavioral anomalies in humans and machines

ObliqueO – A web-based workflow system with DevOps, Microservice, AWS Cloud-based technologies

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